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Flame Gourmet Burgers Restaurant

2985 College Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94705

(510) 666-8500


Everyday 11am-10pm

Not all burger joints are created equal....
Courtesy of the San Francisco Chronical

This one's a two-story sit-down place on Berkeley's trendy College Avenue. Its major draw is that it serves only grass-fed beef and buys its meat from local ranches.

The decor is casual and comfortable, with shelves laden with Heinz ketchup and French's mustard bottles and other condiments lining the walls. Upstairs, French patio doors are usually flung open to let in a nice breeze.

In addition to burgers, Flame serves kosher hot dogs ($4.75-$6.75), hearty salads - the wedge ($8) is a modern take on a crunchy iceberg salad with red onion, smoked bacon, tomatoes and blue cheese - and meatless sandwiches, including tofu and portobello ($7-$7.75).

The restaurant also offers ground turkey or chicken breast burgers. The pesto chicken burger ($7.75) is a zesty alternative to beef.

We thought the best part was the choice of fries - curly ($2.50 with a burger), steak or shoestring (both $1.75 with a burger)- all nicely seasoned with generous portions.

—Stacy Finz, San Francisco Chronicle

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